In June 2020, the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) started enforcing the plan to build extra 22,505 classrooms in the 30 districts of the country. The main goal for building these classrooms is to curb overcrowding and long distances travelled by students going to and returning from school.

In order to achieve this, the Ministry of Education called upon Rwandans to partake in school construction activities that would be implemented under unconventional and home-grown approaches during the 2020/2021 fiscal year.

For the government to afford the needed infrastructure to achieve access for all, through the use of unconventional school construction approach, mass mobilization was to play great role since all stakeholders such as different government institutions; including security organs, private sector, faith based organizations, development partners, civil societies and general community were to play a big role in terms of provision of support such as money or providing local materials, labor or construction sites and during the supervision of construction works on site.

Ngali Energy Ltd (NE) acknowledged this initiative and as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the company, NE contributed monetarily to the great cause. Ngali Energy Ltd continuous takes part in different activities that better its stakeholders, the community and the country at large.

Published on Monday, 1/06/2020